State of Wisconsin:
      The largest building expansion program
      (Owner-Controlled Insurance Program).                
Midwest Express Convention Center:
     The largest convention and exhibition
     center in Wisconsin.
Miller Park Baseball Stadium:
      The largest professional baseball and
      sports/recreation facility in Wisconsin.
Milwaukee Public Schools:
     The largest school district in    
Milwaukee Metro Sewage District:
      The largest sewage/water treatment
      center in Wisconsin.
Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC):
      The largest technical college in

With a wide range of regional and global resources to draw upon, we have the capabilities necessary to underwrite, service, and risk. 

We represent some of the largest Insurance companies in the world including:

Travelers/St. Paul
Great American
Hartford Steam Boiler

In fact, among our other clients for example, we have been successful in servicing the listed large clients on a direct or Joint Venture basis here in Wisconsin:
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